Unanimous consents for the Christmas Concert of the Orchestra of Siena … [..the World Prmiere of the Orchestra for flute, percussions and strings by A. Anichini, artistic Director of the same Orchestra]… The three complicated parts of the work, of a virtuoso and great technical difficulty have seen involved the whole orchestra and the extraordinary soloists, the teachers Luciano Tristaino (flute) and Federico Poli (percussions). . The second work performed, the Concert n.1 for marimba and orchestra by Ney Rosauro, one of the master compositions for marimba of every time was also very much appreciated by the public for the exceptional rhythmics of the four movements, showing the excellent job and technique developed by Federico Poli..] 

Roberta Landi –  Siena news

December 21 st 2009


“An unique concert. An innovative program. A modern and winning formation.. ..success for the trio of scene in the Theater of the Filodrammatici.  An intense musical interpretation of the 20th century. Set of Three [..] The ensemble composed by the violinist Alberto Bologni, from the pianist Carlo Palese and from the percussionist Federico Poli.. [..] with the same skill the three musicians have performed  [..] 

“Libertà” – Saturday April 18 th 2008


 A Beautiful concert  last night of the virtuoso percussionist Federico Poli at the Theater of the Bicchieraia in Arezzo. Poli  has already a brilliant career behind him either in the chamber music circles and as a soloist.  The Pieces performed of a considerable difficulty and of a great charm, have involved indeed the public who asked for two encores..] 

“La Nazione” – April 13 th 2002


 The CD includes 5 pieces of composers particularly devoted to music for percussions. Protagonist of this CD (with the only exception of the immense concert for vibraphone and orchestra played by the “Solisti di Fiesole”, conducted by Carlomoreno Volpini), is Federico Poli, young percussionist coming from the Farulli School. Very remarkable is the “Partita for one percussionist” by Zannoni (born on 1958), which remind us ideally Bach. Here Poli, with his Tomtoms, Whip, Cymbals, Snare Drums, Bass Drums, Triangle, Vibraphone, Marimba and many other instruments shows an incredible capacity to keep the attention of the audience with his spectacular “coups de theatre”, while in sonata for vibraphone and marimba by Ney Rosauro, a piece of disarming melodic impact, Poli plays at the same time the two instruments in the first and fourth movement. It is a very pleasant CD which given the audience a new way to get in touch with the music of percussions. 

Attilio Lolini

“Il giornale della musica” –  August 2001


 . . . among them, we wish to underline the excellent performance of Federico Poli (percussion). Good quality audience and fantastic success of the concert. 

Elisabetta Torselli –  Il Corriere

November 23 rd 2000


Concert of a high artistic value held in Massa Marittima on July 14. The Bravo Percussionist Federico Poli, has literally riveted the public of the Fortress for a whole solo recital of percussions that have conquered by now the notoriety as soloist instruments. Beautiful music rich of warm sonorities and great Virtuoso.. 

July 15 th 2000


 Federico Poli’s compact disc “Links” is an outstanding collection of contemporary percussion music. Poli’s excellent technique brings life to these performances through his artistic interpretations. Bravo! 

Mark Ford

University of North Texas, USA

President – elect, Percussive Arts Society.

January 2000


 Music performed by percussionist Federico Poli. Five lovely musical works finely performed. Rosauro’s “sonata” and “concerto” are jazz-influenced, rhythmic, at times modal. The driving rhythms of “michi” shape a beautiful and surprisingly quiet meditative works. Compositions include N.Rosauro’s “sonata for vibrafone and marimba”, D.Zannoni’s “partita per un percussionista”, N.Rosauro’s concerto for vibraphone and orchestra, K.Khacheh’s “ravan-song” and K.Abe’s “michi”. Performaqnces by Federico Poli (percussion), with I Solisti di Fiesole (Carlomoreno Volpini, conductor). 

Albany, U.S.A. Cdemusic EMF, Ltd

January 2000


“Collaborating with Federico Poli is real pleasure. Aside from the fact that he is a very talented musician (as former percussionist, I know what I am talking about), his enthusiasm makes every collaboration with him special. Writing for him and listening to his interpretations is a truly rewarding experience, in whichtalent, energy and determination mix in a perfect and creative blend.”

Davide Zannoni, Composer

New York –  November 1999


” … an impressive soloist with brilliant and original ideas. An exciting and energetic performance.”  

“Universos Musicales, Spain”- April 1999


“… The highlight of the evening was the European premiere of Ney Rosauro’s “Concerto for Vibraphone and Orchestra”. Federico Poli, an impressive percussionist who is attracting more and more attention, showed great interpretive skills and technical abilities, and he captivated the audience to such a degree that the third movement of the Concerto was anchored.”

Francesca Labrini

”La Nazione” – October 1998